Christmas Card Sketchbook 08 Jan

This custom of taking down the decorations on the 12th day of Christmas has been around almost as long as us. If like us you hate waste then why not make something useful and unique out of them.

First you need to gather and sort all your cards. Most cards have a nice blank section on the reverse of the picture side.

Now using a sharp knife (careful kids) and a steel rule cut all the cards down the crease.

Cut all your cards to same size. We have also thrown in some scrap paper we found in the recycle bin. (that interesting Christmas letter from a distant Aunt works well)

You need to clamp all the paper and card together. We have added a grey board back to our sketchbook for extra stability but this is optional. If you don’t have a clamp you can use a pile of books of magazines. Just remember to use some plastic sheeting to stop it sticking. Glue the edge with PVA glue. Allow to dry and coat with a 2nd layer. Once dry remove from clamp.

You should now have a nicely glued edge holding all your recycled Christmas cards and scrap paper together.

Next you need to make an interesting cover for you new sketchbook. We had some wood grain card lying about but what ever takes your fancy. Cut to size leaving enough to wrap around the back. Use double sided tape to attach to the back and spine of your sketchbook.

For a finishing touch we cut one corner off. Not sure why but it looks good.

All done. One unique sketch book and the great feeling of all that card not going to waste. Now you have somewhere to write next years Christmas lists.

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