Easter Bonnet 29 Mar

You will need

1 x 200mm Polystyrene Ball 171270015

1 x 120mm Polystyrene Ball 171270001

1 x PVA glue 010170012

2 x Yellow Marabou Feather Packs 231540014

1 x Sheet Orange Card 412650195

1 x 15mm Pair Joggle Eyes 472860066

1 x Elastic Cord (mt) 352230053

1 x Cocktail Stick

Adult supervision

Step 1 Glue one half of a 200mm poly ball to a 120mm poly ball (it might make it easier if you try to flatten part of the 120mm). Use a cocktail stick and masking tape to hold it together whilst it’s drying overnight.

Step 2

Cut a diamond shape out of orange card, we cut flaps along the fold to make sticking it down simpler. Be creative though, layer colours of card to make a tongue, or make more creases to give a structured beak.

Step 3

Get an old paintbrush and start applying your glue onto the polystyrene balls. Have your feathers at the ready as PVA doesn’t take too long to dry.

Step 4

Now the fun part – stick your feathers on. Make sure you’re generous, last thing you want is a chick with a bald spot!

Almost there…

Step 5

Lastly cut enough elastic to go under the chin, with a bit extra for knotting. Wait until the feathers have had time to dry, then pierce two holes either side, push you’re elastic through and round, knotting at the base. Don’t trim the ends until you’re sure you’ve got a perfect fit.


You’re done – now pat yourselves on the back and get winning some prizes!

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