Interview: Benjamino 17 Sep

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing artist Benjamino for the first ever Freds Interviews, which will see us having a informal chat and spreading the word of all the ace artists we have in and around Manchester.

Ben works in Freds and spends the rest of his time drawing and painting for various creatively minded collectives and companies.  The first time I saw one of Ben’s drawings was at the legendary staff Christmas party.  The tables were covered in paper and we were doodling all over them and Ben’s drawings caught my eye.  As these characters started to appear on the paper I could see that it came really naturally to him.

Ben’s worked with Manchester’s finest including the mega Sketch City, the ever changing spectacular Outhouse on Stevenson Square and next up an exhibition for Free For Arts Festival.

Catch Benjamino’s work on Facebook and see this ace video he made for Whiskycats!

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