Interview: Free For Arts 20 Sep

This week we had Ali Gunn and Emily Songhurst pop into Freds, they are the new directors of the Free For Arts Festival which looks at supporting artists and performers to showcase their work in exhibitions and events happening all over the city  from the 19th – 26th October and the best news of all, it’s free!

We asked them a few questions:

So Ali and Emily, how are you doing + what have you been up to today?

We’re fine thanks, just finalising everything for the Free For Arts Festival venues, and we think we’ve got everything sorted now.

Can you tell us what the Free For Arts Festival is?

It’s a week long series of performance, exhibitions, talks and workshops for emerging artists and curators in Manchester.  We have 16 exhibitions, 7 events all around the Northern Quarter, Deansgate and Salford.

We’ve got 3 exhibitions at Picadilly Place, an exhibitions here at Fred Aldous using the windows with a group of students from Salford University who makes sculptures from casting.  We’ve got a series of workshops explaining about the economics of art production at Islington Mill plus lots more.

How did you both become the new festival directors?

Lois Macdonald and Helen Collett were starting The Lionel Dobie Project and they asked if we wanted to take FFAF over this year. This is the fourth year of the festival and we’d both been event coordinators for the previous 2 years.

Do you feel like the festival is growing each year?

Yes definitely more people are getting to know about it + we hope it carries on because it’s a really good festival. Its definitely good to get involved, especially if you’re at Uni because you get to meet people and learn to do things on your own.  It’s a good experience and if people wanted to get in touch they can contact us on the Free For Arts Website and Twitter.

«<TONIGHT»> there’s an Art Auction at The Bay Horse happening at 7pm on the 20th September in the Northern Quarter to help raise money for the festival.  It’s a really good chance to support an ace cause and you get to come away with a piece of art.  It’s important to support these artist in the city, they help us to see things differently.

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