Interview: Tasha Whittle 24 Sep

Check our interview with the awesome Artist and Illustrator Tasha Whittle who runs the ever changing Outhouse in Stevenson Square in the Northern Quarter, an outdoor project space to showcase Public Art, which we joyfully sponsor, offering the artists the materials to create their beautiful work.  What a lovely chat we did have.

Bear and Owl Illustration from Tasha (below)

Some of the Artists they’ve showcased include: Tank Petrol, Lispencie, himHallows, Akse our very own Benjamino and loads loads more!


One of the latest pieces from Akse, incredible! (see above)

Tasha mentioned some of the Artists that she is collaborating with at the moment, definitely worth checking out their work too: Lottie Smith, Elizabeth Wewiora and Starvinartist,

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