London Design Week 12 Oct

A few weeks ago we headed down to London Design Week to see what people were up to and my have they been busy!  I had a great time + managed to come away with this beautiful mug (above) from Room39 which I now use everyday at work and totally love the design on it.  Room39 is a Design Studio based in East London that is run by Petra Green.

“Room39 was born out of a personal desire to bring to market a more ‘democratic’ design that would appeal to men and women alike, regardless of age.”

Petra produces designs which she puts onto bedding, mugs, cushions, rugs and accessories.

We also saw Manchester based Furniture Designer Gareth Batowski with some incredibly innovative designs working with timber, using local trees from urban Manchester and resin.  It was incredible to watch people coming up to the stand and running their hands over the two materials, amazed by how smooth the finish was.

Gareth’s story is an inspiring one and just goes to show what you can learn using all of the resources around you.  Having a chat we found that in the beginning Gareth studied his craft alone.  Using books, dismantling antiques, Googling and making plenty of mistakes he soon began to find his own voice.

After a short time he realised what he really wanted to do was to design and build his own furniture.  He rented a small workshop and began investing in equipment with money he brought in from the new venture; two years on he his renting a workspace from Garry Olson, a renowned Furniture maker based in Wilmslow, Cheshire.  He has sold all the equipment he originally invested in and has gone back to working primarily with traditional tools alongside the help of Garry’s more sophisticated machinery.  It was really nice to see someone flying the flag so impressively for Manchester.

Speaking of Resin, If you’re interested in casting and modelling news from Freds, check out what Rob Aldous is up to on Twitter @whatrobmakes, a lot I can tell you!

Other interesting things we saw along the way:

Cozy dens from Lambert Kamps

Interesting product design from Sander Mulder

Wooden keyboards from Oree Design

Beautiful lighting from Azhar Duhovich

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