Gizmobots are artworks made from found objects 17 Oct

Look who came into our shop the other day!  If you come in you can see them dotted around and each one has a story to tell.

For example at the top of this post is GIZMO.  He’s 12 inches tall and really really cheeky.  He was originally commissioned to reject bad beans at the baked beans factory (hence the hands) but his brass slipper fell off on the consumer belt and he’s never been the same again.  He likes dog, crackers and Coronation Street.  If you’d like to adopt him he costs £65.

Gizmobots are artworks made from found objects. Most of the Gizmobots shown perform a task such as being an I-pod dock, a light or a functional radio.  They are for sale and if there’s any you’re interested in you can email info@appliedvisualartists.co.uk

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