Fred’s family trip out to see the exhibitions 30 Oct

Last week we took a Fred’s family trip out to see the exhibitions at Piccadilly Place for this years Free For Arts Festival.  We were especially proud of our boys Stuart Southwell, Ben Burford and Ben Harrison’s exhibition Meat the Family where they explore ideas of identity, family and the theory of the Grotesque.  They are now to become the Meat Collective, keep an eye out here to see what they’re up to.

We also enjoyed the Spring Bank Mill Collective with another one of our talented staff members Matt Shaw.

I was also mesmerized by the installation in the middle of the room from Meiling Tse, a collection of threads and geometry.

I decided to use this opportunity to try out one of our new products, the Polaroid digital camera.

With this camera you can take the image and then print it out straight away (see images above) and THEN I found out that the mini prints are actually stickers! Well that changed everything, take a look at what we got up to then!

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