Laser Cut Lights – Manchester laser studios 07 Nov


We had the extra ace Bread Art Collective come into the Laser Studio the other day.  Bread uses light, sound and simple techniques with a strong social focus to create works which gently ask you to stop for a moment and take in your surroundings in the hope that you’ll notice something new.

They were having problems sourcing clips that would also hold their LED’s for beautiful installations that they make.  So they made their own design – brilliant! These clips are extra clever as they also safely hold an LED and battery! It’s really exciting to see a design that has been created from scratch that solves a problem and is aesthetically pleasing. Check out their website for news on what they’ll be up to with these mini light and future projects.

These photos were taken by Madeline Settle, who has been doing work experience with us in the Photo Studio. Take a look at Madeline’s food photography, it’s incredibly creative. Madeline uses traditional and contemporary methods in creating imagery using light, and camera-less photography methods. We’re really thankful for all your hard work Maddy and we’ve really enjoyed having you here in Freds.

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