Making Felt Penguin Christmas Tree Decorations 22 Nov

Yesterday Knitmaster Ford and I set about preparing our house for Christmas.  We thought we’d begin with the tree decorations and so here comes our first installment of Freds Craft Christmas.

For the decorations all you need is:

Black, White + Orange Felt (or any colours you wish to use)

Polyester Stuffing

Different colours of thread

Buttons (optional)

1. So we began by drawing a pattern onto paper and then pinning that to our felt.

2.  We then cut the felt with the patterns to make sure that the shapes were not too wobbly.

3.  We each made a different style of penguin looking at Pinterest for our felt inspiration.  Here are all of the cut pieces of the first penguin.

and the second penguin,

4.  We then sewed all of the pieces together, putting the stuffing in where it was needed and hey presto here are our penguins!

They are really funny and it’s nice to see how different they are from each other. Why not get crafty this Christmas and give it a go and see what your penguin looks like!

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