Craft Christmas : Part 2 : Origami Boxes 30 Nov

Here is the next installment of Freds Craft Christmas from Nora and Knitmaster Ford. Looking around our Origami covered house we realized it could only be the multi-use origami box!

These boxes are perfect for putting presents in and can be made from old flyers or cardboard.  If you’re making yours out of paper or card why not put your own design on it!

What we used:

Card (we cut an A4 piece into 4 pieces)

MT Tape (we LOVE MT Tape!)

Yellow Owl Workshop Stamps

Lots of different coloured inks

1.  We got A4 sheets of card and cut them into 4 pieces

2.  We then went wild with all of the stamps and Mt Tape

3.  We made a 3d effect with the stamps by doing one layer red and then stamping a blue ink layer over the top.

4.  After we’d finished covering the card we got an origami box tutorial off the internet and here is our final box!

5.  We then got some twine and ribbons to finish off the festive decoration and then you’re box is ready!

We also thought these boxes could be used for making an Origami Christmas Calendar (make 25 and fill each box with goodies to open from the 1st December)

OR they could be put around fairy lights!

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