Testing out Inkodye 25 Apr

This week Stuart has been testing a new product called Inkodye, with some great results!

 stuart5 stuart1

(Left) Blue Inkodye, using double Acetate and UV Light for 1.5 hours(Right) Using Red and Blue Inkodye, double acetate for 2 hours

Inkodye is sunlight-activated, permanent fabric dye. It can be used for photograms, shadow prints, painting, dyeing, silk-screening, batik and more.  All you need to do is paint the Inkodye on your preferred material, which can be cotton, linen, silk, wood and other natural materials.  You then need to print your design onto acetate, lay that over the top and expose it to sunlight. You can also get good results from using a UV lamp and doubling up the acetate.


(above) Blue and orange Inkodye, outside on a cloudy day, double acetate, 20 minutes

Stuart went into Sevendale House, where Freds is situated and took some images of the building and then transferred them to acetate.


(Above) A Cloudy day outside, single acetate, 40 minutes


(Above) Inside on a very cloudy day, single acetate, 1 hour – a sketch by Stuart

There’s going to be more experiments with this product, so keep your eyes peeled for more news in the future!


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Bought some inkodye from Fred aldous, can you get Stuart to contact me…

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