Carbooty at Islington Mill 27 Jun



Last Sunday there was an event called Carbooty at Islington Mill which was host to an abundance of stall holders from the Manchester / Salford area.  This event originally came from artist Tasha Whittle’s residency at Islington Mill which looked at how we all hoard items and resulted in the first Carbooty.

This time around the event was put on by Tasha and Sally Gilford from One69A.  These creative two came up with the character of the Sun, which you can see in the poster above and then screen printed the posters onto various different materials, including a wooden veneer.

This idea of the Sun character then spread into an installation from our Elle Brotherhood which would mean Tasha and Elle making a version of the character as a prop for a Photo Booth.

For this they used:



The idea for the photo booth was that people would pick what time of day they wanted e.g. sunrise, midday sun, sunset.  This image was then projected onto the backdrop.  Here is a snippet of some of the images that were taken. You can see more photos of people that got involved on the Carbooty blog here.



It’s interesting to see how the idea of ‘The Sun’ character can be developed by using different media and the many ways that people can interpret it.  Have you got any interesting props that you’ve been making?  We’d love to see if you have!


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