New Work All Play head Laser cut in our Studio 08 Jul

laserheadblogWe love it when we get to have a creative chat with the people that come into our studios and it’s even better when we get to see what happens with the work after they leave us.

To celebrate and promote this year’s Manchester International Festival, key festival sponsor Bruntwood have launched New Work All Play – a unique digital experience produced in collaboration with Manchester based creative studio The Neighbourhood.

New Work All Play is a multiplatform experience encompassing digital installation, projection mapping, online, animation, user interaction, and social media. Clues as to the physical whereabouts of the physical installation will be released via Twitter to allow more adventurous followers to discover its hidden location.

We recently had the pleasure of meeting these guys as they came in to laser cut their 3D design out of card which would then be made into an installation featuring a giant head structure onto which a rich body of content is projected onto it ; MIF footage past and present, bespoke animation, and Manchester life at work and play.  We’re always amazed by the interesting ways people use the laser machine to create unique objects and mix different technologies.  We’re definitely inspired by this one!

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