Sunprint Kit 09 Jul

Well it’s such a beautifully sunny day outside, we thought it was the perfect day to try out our Sunprint Kit.  The Sunprint Kit is a great way of getting some interesting images and patterns on paper by placing objects onto it and then going out in the sunlight.  When the paper is exposed to light there is a chemical change that happens and an image will appear.


All you need for this is:

Sunprint Kit which comes with 15 sheets of 30 x 20 cm sheets

A sunny day (however you can do this on a cloudy day or even on your windowsill if there is daylight shining on it)

Any objects that you wish

1. We grabbed some products from the shop and got them ready to put onto the paper.  You’ll also need a piece of cardboard to put behind your paper, so when you go to take it outside the paper is kept rigid.


2.  The pack comes with a piece of acrylic that you can put over the objects once you’ve placed them.  This helps keep them in place and is optional as you may be using objects that don’t lie flat to the paper.  If you are using the acrylic that’s provided you’ll need to remove the brown paper that is stuck to it.


3.  Then once you’ve placed the acrylic over your objects, you can take them outside into the sunshine.  You’ll see the paper turning from blue to a much lighter colour.


4.  We tried another piece of paper without acrylic over the top and with a few more objects on, including ; beads, buttons, sequins, a brush, paper flowers + skeleton leaves


5.  Once the paper’s gone a paler blue, you can bring them inside and wash them under the tap.  You’ll see the image change as the paper gets water on it.  Once the paper is wet, you can leave it on the side to dry.


We tried lots of different ideas and there is so much more that we could do with it.  You can print onto acetates and put them onto the Sunprint paper, giving you a photographic effect.  You could layer up all sorts of objects and when you’re done you could use the paper for lots of different purposes.  You could use them to make origami animals, collage, wrapping paper, the list goes on and on! Creating in the sunshine, there’s nothing better!


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