Guest Blog Post – Georgina Giles – Super Poly Stuffing 29 Jul

This week we’re really pleased to have Georgina Giles doing a guest post for us after we saw her super creative blog which takes a look at all sorts of craft ideas and tutorials. Here’s what Georgina had to say about our Super Poly Stuffing.

georginaI get through a lot of stuffing in my studio. I design and make children’s toys and there is always a dinosaur who needs his spikes cutting out, an elephant whose ear needs to be stitched in place or a monster who needs the perfect buttons for his eyes!


navyelephantI was becoming quite expert at bringing home several bags of stuffing on my bike, but as I started making more and more toys I decided the time had come to look for a really big bag of stuffing! I managed to find a really big bag of Super Poly Stuffing here at Fred Aldous and I was so excited to see it arrive. Not only is it a gigantic bag but it’s the best quality stuffing I’ve ever found.


My top tips for stuffing are:

1. Buy the best quality you can afford. After spending hours working on something you want the finishing touches to show off your workmanship!

2. Tease the stuffing apart. Before you start to use your stuffing, spend a few minutes pulling the fibres apart. This will help to fend off lumpy bits!

3. Use the end of a pencil to push the stuffing into small spaces. Some people use a knitting needle but all too easily they can pierce a seam, especially with more delicate fabrics.

4. Use more stuffing than you need. Over time the stuffing will settle and squash down, so be sure to poke in a little extra!

cyanThanks Georgina, you’re brill!


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