Trying Tie Dyeing 28 Aug

tiedyeThis week we’re taking a look at different methods of Tie Dyeing using various different kinds of material. A massive thank you to T-shirt Xpress on Oldham Street for giving us a white t-shirt to use.

For this we’ve used:

Tulip Primary Colours One-Step Tie-Dye Kit

2 x colours of Dylon Hand wash

Dylon Salt 500g

Artys Calico Shopping Bag

1 metre of silk

1 x white t-shirt

tiedye21.  Firstly we used the Tulip Tie Dye Set which comes with 3 bottles with blue, red and yellow dye in.  Fill each bottle up to the line with water and give it a really good shake.  Make sure you hold your finger on the coloured cap on the top of the bottle in case it sprays everywhere.

tiedye32.  Then you need to get what you’re dying and soak it in water.  We decided to try the white t-shirt first.  Once we’d soaked it and drained off the excess water, we decided to try a swirl effect of tie dying.  To do this you need to pinch the fabric and twist it, until the whole t-shirt is done and then use elastic bands to hold it all together.

tiedye43. With the bottles of colour you can pour small amount onto the t-shirt, even going into the folds to make sure those bits get covered with dye.  The colours will run as the t-shirt is damp so make sure you don’t put too much dye on like we ended up doing as it would mean all of the colours running together. Once you’re happy with the dye, you need to put your material in a plastic bag and keep it there for 6 – 8 hours.

tiedye54.  Next we thought we’d try the silk and so we randomly tied elastic bands in certain areas and then soaked the silk in water.  Getting the bottles (and using it a little more sparingly this time) we applied the dye.  Once we were happy we put the silk in a plastic bag to leave for 8 hours.

tiedye65.  Next up we tried to ombre /  graduate the dying and for this we used the Dylon Hand Dye in pink and green, Dylon Salt and the Calico bag.  We set up 2 buckets with the two different dyes in, soaked the bad and dipped each end in each colour and left it for a few hours.  In hindsight it may have been better to use a material like silk as this may have soaked the dye up a bit better.

And here are the results!


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