In the Laser Studio from Haus of PINS 02 Sep

Haus of PINS was started in 2012 by members of the Manchester based band PINS. We found out a bit more about them:

“It began as a way to self release our first single. We wanted to have our music available digitally, but also wanted to create something tangible and hand-crafted to accompany it.  We chose tape because of nostalgia and affordability, and then decided to work on laser cut designs as it suited the aesthetic we wanted.  Our first release was a gold cassette with black cut out cover.  These sold out immediately and we made a re-run with black cassettes, we also introduced a CD version.

SONY DSCWe decided to start to release other bands we were into on Haus of PINS.  We wanted to continue to make limited edition runs of cassettes, making sure they were beautiful objects to be kept, listened to and enjoyed.  We like to experiment with different designs and colour combinations.  We design the cases collaboratively with each band and then head in to the laser studio to cut them out, before spending some very late evenings hand stamping inserts and assembling the finished product.  By December 2013 we will have released King DJ’, Abjects, September Girls, Female Band, Cheri Cheri Jaguar and Mistoa Poltsa.”

pins2 copy

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