IsoSketch : the Isometric Drawing Tool 03 Sep

iso1Introducing IsoSketch, an internationally registered design and the world’s only pocket sized isometric drawing tool. Despite being the first product of its kind, IsoSketch sports all the functions of bigger, more expensive tools but in an attractive little package – perfect for slotting in your pencil case!

Whatever your skill level, IsoSketch can be used to create quick 3D sketches, fully blown isometric renderings, or even mega-accurate engineering drawings; the beauty of this tool is that you don’t need to be a graphical whizz kid to get the hang of it! IsoSketch has clever little guides and features that make 3D drawing easier than ever, with a full range of tutorial videos to support the product on The Drawing Tool Company’s website.

iso3Manufactured just down the road from Fred Aldous in Stockport, IsoSketch is the first product from Manchester-based outfit The Drawing Tool Company, who are proud to have kept the design and production of IsoSketch 100% British.

IsoSketch is now used in many design classrooms throughout the country and is changing the minds of those who claim they can’t draw! Join the growing number of fans in the UK and round the world who are creating their own isometric masterpieces with this brilliant little British product.


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