London Design Festival 2013 23 Sep

We popped down to London at the weekend to see what people had been creating for this years Design Festival.  We saw lots of amazing creations, here are some snippets of designs that we liked;


We loved the shadows and patterns that were cast from the Alexandra Raben Design lamp that used handwoven cotton thread.


These hand cut Fabriano paper pieces from Helen Muir were so delicate and beautiful


This imaginative light from Jess Shaw really stood out, where she had used ‘old man’s beard’ and weaved it into a willow frame.


I remember Fay McCaul from last year and she is on one my personal favorites, maybe it’s because she uses iridescent acrylic but also that she delicately knits pockets to place them into.


We loved the colour and how these books were bound from Slow, giving us more ideas for the Manchester Print Fair!


These animal heads from Kosmos Project were so lovely and reminded me of the panda head that we used to stock in the shop , which were made out of cardboard, but these were made out of metal. I really like the colour of these.

Thanks LDF, you left us feeling all inspired and made us want to get bust creating!

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