Working with Paper – Guest Post from Suzi Bhatti 24 Sep

I’m Suzi Bhatti, an artist based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

My passion is working with paper, I hand-make paper flowers for all occasions through my business Pink & Green.

Having worked with other mediums for portraits and illustrations sculpting a 3d flower gives me the most creative satisfaction as you can bring the flowers to life from a flat piece of paper creating something unique that lasts forever.

singlestemimage1The process of making the flowers can be time consuming. I hand paint the craft paper mixing my own palette of colours using watercolour and acrylics as they each add a different quality and texture to the paper giving the flowers their individuality as no two flowers ever look the same.! Petals and leafs are hand-cut sometimes I make a template or just draw the petal shapes directly on to the paper with an HB pencil.

Constructing the flower itself is my favourite part as it makes all the preparation worthwhile, paper is so versatile to work with surprising strong yet malleable enough to create a flower that takes on a life of its own.

Natural twigs and branches that have been locally sourced are used for my flower stems. I love nature and like the fact that I can recycle fallen twigs that Mother Nature has discarded.

miniflowertree2Nature provides lots of inspiration as does the materials I use. Luckily I’m a five minute walk away from Fred Aldous where I buy most of my materials. Being in Fred’s is inspiration in itself with a huge array of products it’s inspiration on every aisle!peony

My paper flowers can be used for practically anything and everything, for all occasions from birthdays and extra special “milestone” birthdays to anniversaries, weddings, gifts, Christmas gifts, home decor, the list goes on. They are ever-lasting making lovely keepsakes and unique mementos of special times.

My product range is expanding a constant work in progress, I’m forever experimenting with new colours, mediums, textures and papers, designing new flowers and developing ways in which they can be used. Custom orders and specific requests are great as I’m able to create something individual that reflects a person’s taste.

giantflowercollage1My over-sized flowers are a current favourite they make people smile as they are cheerful and a little bit quirky. Currently I’m working on custom-made flower hair crowns for a bride-to-be and her party.

hairI  recently made the flowers for the tables in the Sweet Mandarin Restaurant in the Northern Quarter, Manchester.We are also working on our website which I’m very excited about as it is to be launched soon!


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