DIY Image transfer with Modge Podge 26 Sep


We’ve been looking at different ways of transferring images onto different materials and discovered a great way using colour photocopies! We’re using some images that our Elle took of the wonderful designs of the Volkov Commanders and Mariel Osborn.

Here’s what you will need:

1 x modge podge matte

1 x brush

papers / wood / any object of your choice

print outs or photocopies with a laser printer


1.  We decided to use some Khadi paper as it’s got a really nice feel to it as it’s 100% recycled cotton.  I then cut it down to size and placed that to the side.  Then all you need to do is brush the Modge Podge onto the printed side of the image. (If you want the image to be a particular way round, you may need to reverse it so when you place it on the paper it comes out the right way)


2.  Then place the image onto the piece of paper, make sure it’s stuck down properly and then leave it to dry. (We left it over night but a few hours should be ok)


3.  We also trying transferring one of the images onto wood to see how that would come out.


4.  Once the image has dried you will need to get a wet sponge and rub the top off the image.  You will see some of the printed paper come away from the paper / wood.


5.  After this you’ll see your image appear.  If you rub too much the image will come away from the paper but you can use this in a good way to make your edges look not too perfect, almost like the image has been painted on. You may have to let the paper dry a few times and rub it again to get rid of the remaining top layer of paper but then you will be left with a unique print.   You could use them on their own or put them into books or layer over the top of them with paint or even stitch into them.  The image worked really well on the wood so we definitely recommend giving it a try, the possibilities are endless!

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