DIY Coasters 02 Oct

1This week we’re attempting to make our own coasters out of the cork circles that we sell.  They aren’t too tricky to do and you can paint them any colour you wish, all you will need is:

1 x cork mat 100mm 4 inch

a selection of acrylic paints

stencil brushes

masking tape

21.  Use the masking tape to make shapes and mark areas you want to paint.

32.  Dab the paint on with a stencil brush.  You may need to do a few layers of each colour.

43. Once the paint has dried you can pull of the masking tape and you should be left with a straight line.  Once you have done one layer, let it dry and then do another layer over the top and here they are, DIY coasters! Now where’s a cup of tea…….


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