DIY Gold Leaf for the Manchester Print Fair 10 Oct

diyThis week a few of us are preparing for the Manchester Print Fair and we have been making books.  A while ago we printed some fliers for the studios and there was a typo in it so they couldn’t be used.  Instead of wasting it our Rob decided to make small books out of them and we all loved them, so much so that we’ve taken inspiration from him for the print fair! We clamped all of our pages and glued the spine using Tacky Glue.  Once the pages had dried we then used our ProGaff tape along the edges to secure the cover to the rest of the pages.

Then I was thinking of something to put on the cover and have recently been drawn to lots of gold leaf items on Pinterest.  I saw some gold leaf notebooks and thought it would be good to try.

gold11.  First of all I masked off the area I wanted to golf leaf.  I then got a brush and painted on some Modge Podge.  Then came the tricky bit of moving the very fragile gold leaf onto the glued area.  Once it’s on you just need to brush it with a dry brush (I used the glue brush and this caused all kinds of problems with the gold leaf breaking and gathering in sections).

gold32.  Once it was securely stuck to the paper I then lightly used the Modge Podge to glue over the top of it which stuck down any bits that were sticking out. If you want a really smooth gold finish it’s best to put down one big layer.  If you find any holes appearing, it’s best to wait for the glue to dry and then go over the top of it with some gold leaf.

gold4Here are the final books!  The ones on the left were made by Rob and was the first gold leaf attempt and then I tried the larger books, on the right, which I’ll be selling at the Print Fair.  By this point I realised how inpatient I was and went a bit wild glueing over the top, not minding if it broke up as it made a random shape that I liked, phew!

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