Guest Blog Post from Sofia 15 Oct

Hello! I’m Sofia, a Bristol-based blogger and a self-confessed Instagram addict.

Recently I’ve been feeling a yearning for that one thing that digital and instant photography cannot satisfy: a printed, real life product.

I can’t remember the last time I got any photos printed, let alone even looked through them on my laptop! I love the fact that so often a picture can say so much more than words alone. I’d heard of services that print out your Instagram photos, but I didn’t know of anyone who has ever done it… so I Googled ‘print your instagram photos’ and lo and behold a nifty little site called Polagram popped up. It looked so easy: I signed in to my Instagram account, selected the 48 photos I wanted to get printed, paid my £10 and then just waited…and I didn’t wait long! What came in the post 2 days later was a small but perfectly formed little package containing my ‘polargrams’ (Instagram/Polaroid, see what they did there?!).

1.printsThis was even better than the instant gratification of posting something to Instagram! Seeing my photos printed made them feel more ‘real’, and I’m constantly just wanting to look through them just to notice more and more things I hadn’t noticed before.

I didn’t want to over-complicated how they were displayed, but at the same time the fact that they look so much like Polaroids made me think that a bit of tape and boards would probably work quite well to display a small selection of them.

My tool kit comprised:

MT Tape
A tape measure (I have just moved house and couldn’t find the ruler…)
Black/Grey Foam boards (A3 size)
A white Uni Posca pen (optional)
Double sided tape

1-MTtape2-sometoolsThe first thing I did was try and figure our which order I wanted my photos to appear in. This took a lot longer than anticipated but in the end I decided to go for a black and white theme on the black foam board, and a ‘wanderlust’ theme on the grey foam board.

I measured as well as I could so as to get my photos in the same positions on the board. Basically I drew where the half way point was, and then placed my photos a couple of centimetres above that – but you can place them wherever you want, and the nice thing about this kind of project is that sometimes being too precise is just not needed (perfect for people like me!).

3-Trying to be preciseOnce I had the positions of the photos established, I drew around them so that I could lay a ‘frame’ of MT tape on the line, and sit the photos on top (see below, number 1). The MT tape acts as a frame for the photo, and basically you can play around with patterns and colours, layering up the MT Tape until you reach the desired effect. I wanted to keep mine quite simple as I really liked the simplicity of the black and white photos, so didn’t want to put too much colour around them.

Don’t worry if you stick some MT Tape on the wrong bit, the beauty of this tape is that it just peels off, so you can try and test different patterns/layers as much as you like before you commit to your full design.

Once all the frames were stuck on, it was time to get the double sided tape on to those babies!! (see below, number 3)

4-editing-compiltionAgain, you don’t have to be too accurate if you don’t want to in sticking down the photos as the MT Tape give a kind of ‘home made’ feel anyway.

For my ‘wanderlust’ Polagram board, instead of framing them I decided just to stick the Polagrams down with a line of MT Tape, which helped in getting more photos on the board.



Once they’re done you can hang them up with a bulldog clip like I have, or alternatively use some colourful twine instead.

I’ve also branched out and made a card, which you can see on my blog today!

Big love <3 Sofia

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