The Photo Booth Frame has arrived! 29 Oct

Photo Booth Frame
Photo Booth Frame

Do you know when your Photo Strips start piling up? And there’s that special one that you can never find? Well that’s a problem we decided to take care of.

Obviously we will take responsibility for creating it in the first place… We did buy a black and white Photo Booth for the shop after all, and not satisfied, we got a colour one too. But here’s the thing: We never stop our brain cogs from turning and very cleverly decided to get some frames fit for the strips, and to offer them to you!

I know this sounds a bit pretentious and self-celebratory, but just wait until you hang that special strip on your wall. You will agree with us.

We made a video with the frames and the tons of strips we have with all our very photogenic staff. Check it out here.

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