DIY Ikea Hack 06 Nov

We’ve recently noticed a bit of a trend going on called the Ikea Hack where you can adapt and modify products brought from Ikea. The eagle eyed among you will have seen we are big fans of the Ikea hack. Of course it doesn’t necessarily have to be Ikea products, you can alter all sorts of furniture out there. We thought we’d give it a go using some of the products we have in the shop.

hack1For this one we used:

Pyramid Gift Wrap

Mt Tape Shocking Pink

Pro Gaff Matt Black Tape

hack22. and this one:

Gift Wrap Vintage Europe

Mt Tape Shocking Pink

Pro Gaff Matt Tape Fluorescent Green

hack33. This one I went a little crazy on but the more I thought about it, the more I thought about things that could be stuck on; sequins, buttons, decopatch papers! You could even print your own images and glue them to your piece of furniture. Here’s what I used for this one:

Hanna Werning Wrap Paper

Mt Tape 2 pack

Googley Eyes!

hack44. For this one I used:

Pink La Petite Rose Wrapping Paper

MT Tape (from the 2 pack)

Pro Gaff Matt Fluorescent Yellow Tape

and here they are in full!





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