DIY Message in a Bottle 12 Nov

1We’ve been thinking about the different ways you can use Mt Tape and thought this was a lovely way to decorate a bottle and put a message inside for someone specific or someone to find.  The great thing about this project is that it’s completely personal to you and you can decorate it in so many ways, using lots of different materials, so let’s get creative!

All you will need:

1 x bottle

Mt Tape of your choice

1 x Letraset lettering (optional)

1 x thread (optional)

a small piece of tracing paper

21.  First of all I got the MT Tapes and wrapped them around the bottle.  You could use different colours and thickness’s of tape.  You could cut them up into different shapes and stick them on all over the bottle if you would like.

32.  On one of the tapes I used the Letraset to write ‘Message in a Bottle’.  You can write anything you’d like. You could even stick it randomly all over the bottle.  I really liked the way the letters looked against the tape.  The Letraset can can be quite fiddly and it’s a good idea to hold it down while you rub it with the wooden stick, to stop it from moving.

43.  I then cut up a piece of tracing paper, this is for the message inside the bottle.  You could use a different kind of paper, perhaps a different thickness and colour?  You could even use a piece of material and sew your words onto it.

54.  Then all you need to do is roll it up and place it in the bottle and it’s nearly ready.  You can add other materials to the outside of the bottle.  I got some blue thread and wrapped it around the edges of the pink tape.  I then got some flowers and used a laser cut letter and stick that onto the wire that the bottle hangs from.

6Here is the final piece, you’re message in a bottle!  You could write something to make someone smile and leave it a place for anyone to find.  It something a bit different rather than sending a card.  Go on, tell someone you think they’re ace!




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