Elle’s Top 10 New Products 26 Nov


Our Studio Technician Elle has just come back from a trip to Hong Kong. She tells us all about it and shares her top 10 products.

“I recently went away to Hong Kong to visit dear friends and to help them with their wonderful festival called ‘Secret Island Party’.  I did the poster for the event using an image I took in the Freds Studios for a Ciara Clark Photo shoot.  I changed it by colour photocopying it and collaging pieces of it (I also used a bit of Photoshop too).sip23

We also made a 5 metre high entrance out of rolls of cellophane that blew beautifully in the breeze catching the sunlight as it went, it took us hours but was totally worth it to see people walking through, all dressed up in their Enchanted Distortion outfits.

I’ve been back at Freds a few days and wandering around the shop I’ve seen so many new products that have caught my eye, I thought it would be good to do a Top 10 List, perhaps with a few travel influences in there.  You can go to our Facebook page to see what’s new.”


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