Guest Blog Post : Our Artist in Residence Kate Tyler 04 Dec

So, here’s a funny thing. It goes without saying that I love photobooths. But such giddy enthusiasm isn’t usually shared by the general public. Yet every time I ask random strangers to help me create a new piece in the Fred Aldous photobooths, they agree willingly and don’t hesitate to get involved!kate

I’ve been Artist in Residence at Fred Aldous for a few months now, making regular pilgrimages to use their colour and black and white booths. After a long period of purely digital booth action here in the UK, we are finally seeing a few B&W analogue photobooths pop up around the country.

Fred Aldous, however, is home to the ONLY public colour analogue photobooth in the whole of Western Europe. I’ll say that again – the ONLY one! It’s a pretty special place therefore and I for one can’t get enough of it.


I’ve been working on a few different projects when I’ve journeyed across to the City of Rain that is Manchester, and I’ve been blown away by people’s willingness to get involved. In the past I’ve always worked solo-style and kinda assumed nobody would be interested, but more and more it has felt like a type of performance art as I ask increasing numbers of people to do increasingly strange things in the booth.

From pretending to be asleep to documenting why they came in the store, from dressing up for Hallowe’en to writing and holding alphabet letters – everyone has got stuck in. I’m massively grateful and secretly planning even more weird and wonderful public interaction. Watch this space!

Written by Kate Tyler

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