DIY Decorating Glass Jars 16 Jan

Jars are always really handy to make into holders for your things, but they don’t have to be plain glass, they can be sprayed to add a bit of colour and brighten up your desk or workspace.

For this we used:

1 x Milk bottle

1 x Glass jar

Masking tape

Liquitex Spray (which come in a wide range of colours)


1. We thought we’d mask off some areas, so we used masking tape and wrapped it round the glass. We also cut it into shapes and thinner pieces.

diy2 copy

2. Then comes the fun part, make sure you do this in a well ventilated area and then you can start spraying lightly about 20cms away from the jars, slowly moving around the jars. We repeated this 3 times, waiting 5 minutes in between for the paint to dry.


3. Once the paint was dry, we sprayed colours onto either the base or the top of the jar, this helps give the graduated effect.


4. Once you’ve taken the masking off your jars are ready and you can add all sorts to them! If you were to make one, what colours and patterns would you use?

diy5 copy

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