Noise Festival 2014: Call for Entries 21 May

NOISE Festival 2014 are offering a fantastic opportunity to have your work seen by leading industry professionals. The selectors, including Sir Nicholas Grimshaw (Architecture), SUCK UK (Product and Design), Gerald Scarfe (Illustration), Tim Marlow (Fine Art), and Giles Deacon (Fashion), will be endorsing the work of selected artists, and in some cases there will even be an opportunity to receive work placements, mentorship with them and guidance that could prove life changing for anybody looking to get into the creative industries!

NOISE is looking for new talent across the creative spectrum, and offers these amazing opportunities. Simply set up a FREE portfolio and submit your work to NOISE Festival 2014, before the 31st May deadline.

1. Create a NOISE Portfolio
2. Upload your work
3. Submit your best work to NOISE Festival 2014 by clicking the big pink “Enter Festival” button.
4. Recognition by the best in the business, media exposure and paid placements.

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