Meet a Maker: Kaper – Kate Kelly 23 May

kate 1

We like you to meet Kate Kelly who works under the name of Kaper. Her studio is based at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre, where she makes paper sculptures based on woodland creatures and household objects.  Monoprinting each creation by hand, Kate ensures that each object has its own individual texture, pattern and colour pallet; creating truely one off items!  Take a look at Kate’s website, or visit her studio here.

Let me give you a little tip:

“Most of my materials for my paper sculptures comes from Fred’s- I buy your System 3 acrylics and printing medium as well as the squeegees. I love perusing the tubes in the paint aisle and usually buy more than what I came in for! I also like your cabochon and gems section, as I use these for little embellishments and eyeballs for my little creatures. I don’t know what specific product to recommend really, as the best part about Fred’s is wandering down the aisles and waiting to be inspired. There are also products I never knew existed, that I buy just to have a play with, such as the Dip It Fantasy Films. That’s some proper magic.” Thanks Kate!

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