Mono / Risograph Poster Workshop 03 Jun

Mono is a risograph print collective established by Textbook Studio, John Powell-Jones and Dan Russell, based in their studio in Islington Mill, Salford. Setting up Mono to experiment with the process and publish limited editions of artist books, zines and prints, they offer print services alongside Risograph workshops. Our Stuart headed along last Sunday to try his hand a the Poster Print Workshop, here is how he got along.

“We started the day with introductions, there was six of us attending the workshop, all with a variety of arts backgrounds, but all eager to find out about the Risograph process. After a cup of tea John and Chris (Textbook Studio) told us about why they decided to buy a Riso and explained the process of printing with one, showing us examples of the work they have done so far, exploring what sort of things can be done on a Risograph.


Using one of John’s images as an example, they explained the different ways in which you can create a three colour print and ran it through the Riso, giving us each an A3 print to take home.


We then all started creating our images, I’d brought a sketch that I wanted to print so I began by tracing the areas that I wanted to be different colours on tracing paper. After an hour we all sat down to a lovely vegan chilli that John and Chris had prepared and got to find out a bit more about one another.


After lunch we started printing our designs. I chose purple, green and yellow for my three colour print, we each got 10 of our own prints to take home with us and I’m really pleased with the results. It was great to see what can be achieved from the Riso, John and Chris are great hosts and have a wealth of print knowledge to share!”


The next Risograph Poster Printing workshop is on the 21st of June from 11am – 4pm and costs £30. Over the 5 hours you will riso an edition of 10, 3 colour A3 prints, whilst learning all about the printing process, there is also get a hot vegan lunch provided. Buy your ticket for the workshop here.


Photos by Stuart Southwell. You can see more of Stuarts work here.

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