The Fred Aldous World Tour: American Allstars 04 Jul

It’s Independence Day today and our friends across the pond will be partying like it’s 1776! In honour of the star spangled banner we’re turning the spotlight on some of our American All Stars right here in Freds:

#1 Field Notes


Field Notes are a firm favourite for stationary worshippers and notebook addicts. The Draplin Design Company of Portland and Chicago’s Coudal Partners saw the fading culture of well crafted pocket note books and decided to do something about it. So they joined forces in 2007 to produce the Field Notes brand. From their Country Fair edition featuring all 50 US states to the latest special edition cover, Shelterwood, made out of actual American Cherry Wood, these guys show us how it’s done! See our Field Notes range here.

#2 Golden Acrylics and Mediums


Sam Golden became partners with his Uncle Leonard Bocour during the 1930’s to produce hand ground oil paint. They also ran the Bocour Artist Colors Co art shop in New York, which was a regular hang out for the coolest cats like, Mark Rothko and Willem de Koonig. Between 1946 and 1949 Sam Golden began developing a fast drying paint and after much experimentation he created the first ever Acrylic Paint. Thanks to Sam Golden, acrylic paint has revolutionised art as we know it today. View our Golden range here.

#3 Paracord


Pepperell Braiding Company in Massachusetts have been producing paracord for almost 100 years. Used during World War II for the suspension lines of US parachutes, paratroopers found that this handy cord could be used for much more once they had reached the ground. The US military still use paracord today but so do your regular Joe’s, coming up with wonderfully creative and extremely handy uses for this versatile material. Take a look at our Paracord range here.

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