Sketchpad Artist: Daniel Russell 08 Jul

Daniel Russell is one of the 11 artists to design a cover for our new Sketchpad range. Based in Islington Mill, Daniel is a multidisciplinary designer and one third of Risograph print collective Mono.

We spoke to Daniel to find out a bit more about his work.

Tell us about your sketchbook cover?


I originally did a cover based on the Bristol Stool Chart, as I thought I was producing a drawing for the Bristol Board sketchpad Instead of types of stool (sausage-shaped but lumpy; watery, no solid pieces, Entirely Liquid and so on) I substituted in types of board (medium density fibre, sterling, surf and so on).

I’d just done some marbling and experimented with separating the colours on the computer and reprinting using a Risograph, so I used that as the background. However, when the time came for the covers to be printed, I was allocated a sketchbook that wasn’t Bristol Board. As the Bristol Board Chart no longer made sense, just the marbling was printed.

Have you used a Risograph printer before?

Yes, many times. I co-run Mono with John Powell-Jones and Textbook Studio at Islington Mill.


Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to print on a riso?

You have to think about separating elements out into different colour layers. This may result in blank space that will then be filled in with other colours. Once you crack this, it’s easy. Oh, and it takes ages to dry and therefore multiple layers will either a) get roller marks of colour on them, if done too quickly or b) take longer than you’d like, if done the correct speed.

What are your specialisms?

I don’t really have any. I’m a jack of all trades. I work on socially engaged art projects, work on design projects, play in bands, draw things, organise stuff, write things, carry things from one place to another. In fact the latter is probably my specialism.

How would you describe your work?



What inspires you?

This reads very earnestly but is factual: working with other people, learning how to do stuff, doing fun things to the best of my ability in the time available.

What materials do you use?

Pencil, pen, brush, ruler, scanner, computer, printer, paint, plectrum, paper, scalpel, paste, bone-folder, guillotine, t-shirt, record, tape, person.

Who is your favourite artist or maker?

Edwin Stevens

What tip would you give to people about one of our products?

Shops can be more useful than websites.

Where can people see your work?

There’s a show of my stuff up at North Tea Power at the moment.

http://daniel-russell.co.uk and @DanDidThis is my twitter.

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