Guest Post: Cork mountain coaster tutorial 16 Jul

This week Diana from Pygmy Cloud shares with us her simple little tutorial to make these fun mountain coasters. A fun and functional way to protect your tables using our new range of Fred Aldous cork sheet. Cork is water resistant, provides thermal insulation and is durable – perfect coaster making material!

3mm cork sheet
paint brush
white acrylic paint
X-Acto knife
metal safety rule


1. Draw two triangle shapes measuring 14cm x 16cm x 16cm onto the cork sheet. Using the safety rule and X-Acto knife, cut the cork to shape.

2.Turn over the triangles so the pen outlines are on the underside. Paint outline of the snowy mountain peak using white acrylic paint onto each triangle.

3. Fill in the snowy top

4. On one of the coasters, add dots for falling snow

5. On the other coaster paint a smiley face!

Lovely! Thanks Diana!


See our full range of Fred Aldous cork sheet here.

Pygmy Cloud is a little brand of home decor, plushies & accessories run by designers Diana and Dave. You can check them out on their website www.pygmycloud.com and keep up to date with Pygmy Cloud antics on their Facebook, Twitter & Instagram


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