Sketchpad Artist: Jake Beddow 05 Aug

This week we are introducing you to Jake Beddow, one of the 11 artists who has produced a limited edition cover for our Sketchpad range. A Manchester based freelance graphic designer, illustrator and print maker, Jake makes posters, prints and artwork using mainly Risograph & screen print.

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We caught up with Jake to find out a bit more about him.

Tell us a bit about the idea behind your sketchbook cover?


Nothing too cryptic really, I just wanted to create a bold illustration of everyday art supplies that could potentially be used on other Fred Aldous house products.

Have you used a Risograph printer before, and if yes what was it for?

Yes. I bloody love the Riso, I have used it for business cards, posters, and flyers and created a series of colour charts for Freds. For me it came about as a quicker and cheaper alternative to screen-printing, I really dig the vibrant inks and colour overlays and every print is individual (sometimes to my chagrin).

jake b2

Do you have any tips for artists or designers who are just starting out?

Errr… be nice!

How would you describe your work?

Bold functional graphics, hand lettering and some really silly illustrations.

What the favourite piece of work that you have made?

I tend to cringe at past work only seeing the flaws, my favourite piece is always the thing I am working on at the time. At the moment I am working on a comic called ‘Rated’ in which I talk about Movies & TV, and although it is a lot of work to research, write and draw it is really fulfilling.


What inspires you?

Pretty much anything, I think that a lot of smaller influences however random are planted in both our conscious and subconscious to help us form our own big ideas.

What materials do you use?

Paper, ink, paint and pixels.

Who is your favourite artist or maker?

Daniel Clowes, Russell Taysom, Neasden Control Centre, AVGN, RichT, David Shrigley, Mike Perry, Ben Eine, Dexter the Weird, Joe Sacco, David Bailey to name a few.


What tip would you give to people about one of our products?

Just one? The Daler Rowney A3 Drawing Paper, 96gsm. By far the best pad for fine liner work in my opinion.

Where can people see your work? Do you have a website?

but most of my work I show on Instagram – @jake_beds

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