Sketchpad Artist: Alex Humphreys 12 Aug

We asked 11 artists to design a limited edition cover for our Sketchpad range and Alex Humphreys is the 7th artist we would like to introduce you to. An illustrator based in Manchester, Alex’s work is informed by process, she uses mark making and bold abstract compositions in her work.

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We caught up with Alex to find out a bit more about her.

Tell us a bit about the idea behind your sketchbook cover?

alex sketch 2

​I wanted to use an arrangement of mark makings and shapes to represent one of the many functions of a sketchbook and decided on ‘Doodle’ – a snap shot of a busy desk surrounded by paper and ideas.

Have you used a Risograph printer before?

​I use Mono – an independent printing service specialising in Risograph and based at Islington Mill in Salford.

Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to print on a riso?

Alex sketcp

​Experiment with overlapping layers and ​adjusting levels of opacity, see what results you come out with, it’s a good way of expanding colour possibilities in your work.

What are your specialisms?

​I apply my work to print and film​ and always seek to learn more in those subject areas.

How would you describe your work?

​Abstract compositions with ​the use of colour, shapes and marks.

What inspires you?


What materials do you use?

Alex 3

I use a variety of materials such as pencil, pastels, ink​, paper​ and anything else that will allow me to build up a library of mark makings I can add to compositions.

Who is your favourite artist or maker?

I am always inspired by Henri Matisse’s cut-outs, the screen-prints of ​Sister Corita, the compositions of ​Paul Rand and​ Alvin Lustig​, the imagination of Joan Miro…

What tip would you give to people about one of our products?

Alex 4

If choosing a pencil I always go for a ​2B – it always leaves a bold mark.

Where can people see your work? Do you have a website?


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