The Use and Abuse of Books – Savoy, Lord Horror and Corridor8 12 Aug

We’re looking forward to heading to the Anthony Burgess Foundation this Thursday for The Exhibition Centre for the Life and Use of Books.


For August and September 2014 The Exhibition Centre for the Life and Use of Books has undergone a temporary rebranding to The Exhibition Centre for the Use and Abuse of Books. They have invited Manchester-based writer and publisher Michael Butterworth to curate their Reading Room and will be exploring publications from his personal archives.

Michael Butterworth is a writer and publisher based in Manchester whose most recent project, Corridor8, takes the form of a Contemporary Art and Writing Journal that was launched in 2009. As one part of their programme with Butterworth they have invited our Ali Gunn alongside six other artists and collectives to each respond to one of these seven publications through the medium of film.


The second part of the Use and Abuse of Books takes the form of an exhibition displaying and discussing some of the material from Savoy’s vast and often controversial archive, focussing on graphic novels and comics, including the infamous Lord Horror (1989) accredited to David Britton and co-authored by Michael Butterworth. The novel is based on a historical personage Lord Haw-Haw, aka William Joyce, British fascist and radio announcer hanged in 1946 for his infamous ‘Germany Calling’ broadcasts. Warping him from Haw-Haw to Horror, the novel, with its exaggerated depiction of British collusion, views the rabble-rouser DJ through a glass darkly, catapulting the narrative into exuberance, extravagance and excess.


The Exhibition Centre for the Use and Abuse of Books will be on show at The International Anthony Burgess Foundation from Friday August 15th until Friday 5th September, with a Preview event on Thursday 14th August.

If you wish to attend the free preview event please email events@anthonyburgess.org.

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