Everything Must Go 15 Oct

OWT Creative, based at AWOL Studios working together in Manchester for several years now. What started as an experiment in publishing with the OWT zine has now grown into a multidisciplinary design collective working on self initiated projects such as OWT Discourse to more conventional client briefs.


The latest exhibition offering from the collective, Everything Must Go, takes place this Thursday 16 October at 2022 and focuses on the theme of departure. As the collective prepare to be split between Manchester and San Francisco the exhibition celebrates the creative people that they have been working with in Manchester over the last four years. The exhibition includes prints from several the very talented FA Sketchpad artists including Caroline Dowsett, Alex T Fraser, Steve Hockett and John Powell-Jones and Robert Lomas who recently produced an incredible laser cut window display for our Make Anything campaign.

The prints from the 37 creatives will be combined randomly and free to take away on the night, with the result promising to be a constantly evolving show which is curated by the audience, as each piece is removed a new work will be revealed.

We’re looking forward to heading down tomorrow from 6pm and help making sure that ‘everything must go’!

Tell Owt Creative you are heading along tomorrow night here.

Featuring the work of: Alec Dudson, Alex Frazer, Amy Minto, Andy Cooke, Barney Ibbotson, Beaufonts, Caroline Dowsett, Cosmos, Dominique Byron, DR.ME, Emily Briselden Waters, End Of Play, Harrison Edwards, himHallows, House Of Evil, Jen Woodward, John Powell Jones, John Mcpartland, Jon Bland, Jordan O’Brien, Katherine Beefheart, Krooked Blade, Loose Collective, Lucien Xavier, Maria Adamo, Matt Keers, Nick Topping, OWT creative, Ra Bear, Rob Lomas, Robert George, Saw Cut, Scanstick, Ste Hocket, Tash Wilcocks, The Lab, Will Berry.

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