Some frightful inspiration for Halloween 17 Oct

With Halloween right round the corner, we’ve been looking at some of the most frightful pieces of art and design for some Halloween inspiration.

Vincent Van Gogh’s ear


Known for his ear almost as much his art, Vincent Van Gogh is the tortured artist who famously cut of his own ear with a razor. Art Historians now believe that he actually lost his ear arguing with artist Paul Gauguin outside a brothel. Either way, we think this fright-some tale is worthy of our Halloween inspiration list.

Not afraid of a bit of disembodiment, our Rob has an ever growing collection of ears in his office cast out of resin, latex and plaster. We think they would make the perfect Halloween prop.


Find everything you need to cast a disembodied body part here.

JC Debroize’s Human Type for Kerozen


This grotesque Human type face comes from JC Debroize, the Art Director and retouching artist for creative agency Kerozen. This is typography from nightmares where the letters are creepy creatures made up of human faces. Debroize used modelling clay to shape the letters then used features from his fellow team members at Kerozen to make up these freaky letters in Photoshop. We think that Debroize’s Photoshop wizardry is out of this world and is definitely worth a fright.

We stock a range of Kraft letters, here, which you could customise into your own freaky font or why not try Debroize’s technique using air drying clay to sculpt your own weird and wonderful font?

Andy Warhol’s Big Electric Chair

Electric Chair 1964 by Andy Warhol 1928-1987

Andy Warhol is well know for his bright and bold screenprints using imagery from popular culture, but in 1963 he began using the deadpan image of an electric chair within in his work. 1963 was the year of the last two executions in New York State and Warhol continued to use the image over the next decade highlighting the political tensions surrounding the topic of the death penalty in America. This image of an empty electric chair highlights the brutal reduction of life through execution and acts as a metaphor for death. This image send shivers down our spine and think it has a rightful place on our Halloween fright list.

Early last year our Stuart took an adventure round the then empty Sevendale house, he then used photographs from the trip to experiment with Inkodye with the results bearing similarities to Warhol’s haunting Big Electric Chair series.


Make your own haunting prints with Inkodye here.

Jake and Dinos Chapman’s Minderwertigkinder


Jake and Dino’s Chapman’s work is often described as disturbing, controversial and scandalous. They use their cynical and often sarcastic humour to bring attention to depraved political, social, religious and moral issues within today’s society, much like Goya who is a notable influence of the pair. In their Minderwertigkinder series they have created life-like sculptures of young girls whose faces are metamorphosing into the faces of animals. It wasn’t hard to pick a piece of work from the Chapman’s for this list, but we chose the frightening Minderwertigkinder figures because of their visual reference to horror and fantasy films such as Wolf Child. 

Ben halloween

Last Halloween our Ben B made this incredible ape mask which we think rivals the Chapman brother’s animal faces on the freaky factor. Made entirely by hand, this is one Halloween mask that we are all envious of!

Ben used clay to carve the ape face, then cast it with latex, with the finishing touch of fake fur.

We want to see what spooktastic things you have been crafting this Halloween, just use #makehalloween when you post them online or email them to us here and we will share your terrifying creations.

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