The Six Mile Pencil 24 Oct

Congratulations to Lyon & Lyon and their successful Kickstarter campaign for The Six Mile Pencil. They surpassed their target raising a whopping total of £5,133. We’re looking forward to stocking The Six Mile Pencil this Christmas, and think it is the perfect gift for someone who you want to encourage to draw.

The pencil illustrates how far you have drawn by using a mile ruler printed on its body, and it has enough graphite to keep you drawing for six miles! This pencil is extra special as it is produced by one of the last remaining pencil manufacturers in England, Chambers Pencils, who like us are a family run business and have been producing pencils for 90 years.

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In a bid to create an honest low tech product, the twin design duo Lyon & Lyon created The Six mile Pencil with the idea of encouraging people to get back in touch with the almost redundant skill of using a pencil.  With every hand drawn sketch, memo or offensive doodle of your boss, you can visibly see how far you’ve drawn and fist pump the air at every milestone. The pencils are available in both mile and kilometre variations. So whether it be a half a mile or five miles, the more you draw, the better you get.

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The pencil displays how many miles of graphite you have used and how far your thoughts have travelled. Lyon & Lyon have spent time testing and calculating the reduction in pencil graphite Vs distance traveled. Just one of their pencils contains enough graphite to draw 6 Miles/10KM of wonder. To put it another way, you could draw one continuous line from good old London all the way to New York with only 576 (and a half) pencils!! I know right!!?

Comments & Questions

Ladies of Grace Dolls

Oh I like it. Brilliant Christmas present idea

izzy shaw

I love them! When will you have them and how much will they be? I have a couple of people on my pressie list that would be tickled by these.

Ali Gunn

Pleased to hear you like them Izzy, you will be able to pre-order The Six Mile Pencil from our website very soon. Keep your eye on our newsletter and blog and you will be the first to know!

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