Tracing PAPER – Mentoring opportunity 21 Nov

PAPER have a fantastic opportunity for 10 artist based in the North-West to join their new mentoring programme. They are accepting applications from artists who use paper, or would be willing to explore the possibilities of paper in their practice and those that would benefit from a sustained period of mentoring. Commencing in January 2015 and running for six months, the successful applicants will take part in an exhibition at PAPER in June to mark the end of the mentoring programme.

Throughout the six month programme the artists will take part in sessions where they will present their work to the other successful candidates and two representatives of the PAPER team,who will be there to provide advice and support. Through the course of the mentoring scheme the artist will form a cohesive group and support one another in their preparations for the summer exhibition at PAPER. There is a small budget available to cover travel expenses for artists/studio visits outside of the Manchester area for each of the 12 sessions. There is also a £100 production budget for each artist for the exhibition and as a Tracing PAPER mentee you will also have a presence on their website.

How to apply:

On no more than 1 side of A4 please state how you would benefit from participating in this scheme, what you hope to achieve, and any current commitments you may have during the mentoring programme.

Please put this into a PDF document along with your artist statement, CV and 4 images of work (with image details)

Email the above to papergallerymanchester@gmail.com

Deadline for submission: 5 December 2014

For more information visit the PAPER website here.


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