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From the Italian Renaissance right up to the modern day, love has been a theme that artists have been unable to stay away from. With Valentines day just around the corner, we’ve been getting in the mood by taking a look at how artists have conveyed love and romance throughout the years. Here are just a few that really struck a chord with us.

Auguste Rodin – The Kiss

The Kiss 1901-4 by Auguste Rodin 1840-1917


Rodin’s famous marble sculpture The Kiss shows a young couple in a passionate embrace in the throws of love, however this scuplture has a darker side. The Kiss depicts Francesca Di Rimini and her lover Paolo who was the younger brother of her husband. The lovers had an affair for almost 10 years before Francesca’s husband caught them together and killed them both. In the sculpture the lovers lips are not quite touching, implying that their passionate embrace was interrupted.

Tracey Emin – Love is what you want

Love Is What You Want, Tracey Emin


Tracey Emin’s neon signs depict romantic messages, mantras, poems and lover letters in her handwritten scrawl. We think this message is particularly poignant and it’s sentiment we wholeheartedly agree with!

Gustav Klimt – The Kiss

Gustav Klimt, The Kiss


Most well know for his decorative gold leaf works, Gustav Klimt’s work often depicts the female form in a romantic way. His works are far from shocking for the modern eye, however in early 1900’s he work often caused controversy for its overtly erotic visual language. The Kiss, like Rodin’s work of the same title, depicts two lovers in a impassioned embrace seemingly shrouded by a cloak of golden shimmering pattern.

Roy Lichtenstein – We rose up slowly

Roy Lichtenstein - We rose up slowly

Roy Lichtenstein’s comic strip style work has become synonymous with the Pop Art movement. In We Rose Up Slowly the cartoon style painting of a couple in an embrace which is accompanied by a panel of text. The poetic language not only narrates the scene but also captures the sensation of being in love.

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