Our top 3 craft-ivities for half term 17 Feb

Its half term this week so we have rounded up some fun craft activities to keep your kids occupied whilst they are off from school.

#1 Weaving


Weaving is a great activity for kids of any age and really simple to get started with. For the young ones weaving will help them develop their motor skills, practising with scissors and learning about colour. Older children will benefit from practicing detailed designs.

This will be fun for everyone to try and won’t break the bank! All you will need is a Weaving Loom, and a assortment of Wool, Bakers Twine, RibbonRaffia or even Pipe Cleaners.

2# Suncatchers


Spring is definitely on its way, and the gloomy days are going, so why not make a suncatcher with your kids this half term? This again is another great activity to help your children learn about colour and how they mix together.

You will need:

Embroidery Ring

Clear Cellophane

Coloured Tissue Paper

and/or, Coloured Cellophane

Pritt Stick

Kids Scissors

Place your embroidery ring on the cellophane, and making sure that there is enough of an edge cut out a square big enough to trap in the ring. Now it is over to your kids to cut the tissue or coloured cellophane into shapes and play around with mixing the colours. Once they are happy they can glue everything down, then you will just need to neaten up the edges of the cellophane. Voila! Your sun catcher is ready for the window.

3# Printmaking


There are lots of options out there if you want to try printmaking with your little ones this half term! Why not try using Quickprint Foam with them like a lino block? All they will need is a a pencil or pointed tool to carve their image into the foam. Then use water based block printing ink to get a relief print of your image.

You could also get your kids to cut funky foam into interesting shapes, which then get stuck down onto a piece of cardboard for their printing plate.

What other craft-ivities have you got planned for half term? Share them with us by email and we will feature you on our blog!


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