Where’s Monkey Hiding?? 04 Mar

Monkey hid himself so well over Christmas that no one has been able to find him. The cheeky chappy has moved and hidden in another product on the website so take a good look around and if you find him you could win £100 in Monkey Points!


How do I enter? 

Look around the website at our product images and see if you can spot him hiding! When you find the little fella simply copy the URL (address of the page) and email it to monkey@fredaldous.net

How do I win? 

On the last Friday of every month we’ll be choosing 1 lucky winner from all the correct entries we receive. Winners will be notified by email within 3 working days. Winners accounts will be credited with 10000 Monkey Points which can be spent on anything you can find on our website.

10000 Monkey Points = £100

The boring bit: 

Monkey Points won must be spent within 12 months or they will expire. The prize cannot be swapped for a cash equivalent. Monkey Points cannot be used to pay for postage and packing.

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