Inside the Lines 24 Mar

Usually associated with the pursuit of children, colouring-in has seen a huge surge in popularity with adults, and for good reason. Aside from creating beautiful pictures, colouring-in promotes wellness and helps stimulate the brain, particularly the areas associated with motor skills.

Artists' Colouring Book Art Nouveau

Carl G Jüng was one of the first recorded psychologist to use colour therapy to aid relaxation, and to this day colouring-in is widely recognised as great way to focus the mind and occupy your hands.

Just Add Colour Circus

Whether you prefer colouring in Harry Styles face or intricate 1960’s patterns we’ve got plenty of colouring in books to suit all tastes, so pick up a colouring pencil and relax! Take a look a our full range of colouring books here.

The Tattoo Colouring Book

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