Our Top 5 Easter Crafts 31 Mar


We’re really looking forward to Easter so have been scouring Pinterest for some seasonal DIYs to try over Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday whilst we are closed. Here are just a few of the Easter crafts and DIYs we’ll be trying this weekend.

1. Bunny Hand Puppets by Pearl Bee

Felt is a really easy fabric to work with, and great to use with kids. This bunny hand puppets DIY will be great for all the family to get involved with. Why not personalise your bunny hand puppet with Tulip Paint?


2. DIY Marbled Eggs from Camille Styles

Camille uses nail varnish for her DIY Marbled Eggs tutorial, but we’re going to use Marabu Easy Marble which are perfect for creating beautifuls patterns on 3D objects.

DIY marbled eggs

3. Square Bunny Knit Tutorial by Lebenslustiger

This super easy and cute knitted bunny DIY from Lebenslustiger would make the perfect handmade Easter gift. We’re going to make the bunny using Rico Super Jersey so the bunny is extra soft!

Knitbunny (12)

4. Bunny Jars DIY from Torie Jayne

Spruce up your mason jars for Easter with this bunny inspired DIY.

Bunny Jar Toppers

5. DIY Bunny Paper Plate Purse by Mer Mag

This DIY couldn’t be simpler and we think it looks great!

Bunny Plate Purse

Don’t forget to share your Easter DIY crafts with us via email and by tagging us in your Instagram pictures.

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