Exhibition: Less Comfy More Fun II 07 Apr


Last Summer a group of artists from Manchester School of Art’s foundation course put on a group exhibition, Less Comfy More Fun at Kraak Gallery. Tomorrow the group return for an exhibition of fresh work, developed ideas and more collaborators. They work with, among other things, sculpture, photography, concrete, poetry and balloons.

The second exhibition can be seen more as an act of tracking artistic progression than by any specific practice or theme. However, curiosity and exploration in all its various guises is at the forefront of a lot of the pieces. Joe O’Rourke’s work delights in travelling from “nothing to something” and is ” a hunt for spaces, incidents, and motifs that attract him, drawing on feelings of the uncanny and uncertain”.

Sarah Lynch-Jones’ film work on skin, texture and all things “up-close”, in tandem with the human in sentiment-synthetic materials like wine and flowers and paint is equally curious in an inward direction. It looks at layers of meaning, texture and feeling and skin that “blur the boundaries between humans and the materials we surround ourselves with”.

The name ‘Less Comfy More Fun’ not only hints at the irreverent audaciousness of putting on a DIY exhibition, but also a more complicated relationship between the enjoyment of art and the exhibition process, and more uncomfortable, often body-centric themes. For example, Sarah Entwistle’s work with balloons will be sharing the space with Caitanya Fletcher-Towler’s work on nudity and female perception and Jamie Hammill’s work involving mechanisms and concrete.

The exhibition runs for one day only, Wednesday 8th April, Kraak Gallery, Stevenson Square, Northern Quarter, Manchester. Free entry from 6pm. Free drinks.

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